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Market Update and Drivers: Key Trends in M&A in 2024
Tuesday, April 30, 2024 | 11:00AM | Ironwood Ballroom

What’s in store for the rest of 2024? Join a stellar team of experts, including GF Data’s own Bon Dunn, as they take us through a market update and the trends are emerging in 2024 and beyond. The panel will touch on deal valuation trends, deal volume, hiring trends and more. You will not want to miss this information session that will give the tools needed to transact in today’s ever-changing environment.

Bob Dunn
Managing Director
GF Data
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What’s Next? Ask Brian Belski

Join this interactive session to hear what Bank of Montreal strategist Brian Belski sees coming down the pike. Brian will engage with the audience giving strategic investment and portfolio management advice to participants. Brian is frequently quoted in the financial press, including regular appearances on CNBC and BNN, and is renowned for his accuracy as a strategist. Brian has been ranked as a Top Gun analyst by Brendan Woods since 2016. This is a conversation you will not want to miss.

Featured Sessions

The Rise of AI Technology and its Impact on M&A

AI technologies are likely to transform whole industries and companies alike, but financial services firms are still feeling out how to put the transformative technology to use. Hear from the experts what the advantages and pitfalls are of using AI technologies, why adoption has been slow and why not learning how to use AI will put your firm at disadvantage.

Increasing the Number of Women in the M&A Market through Smart Talent Acquisition Strategies

The desire to grow the number of women in the workforce is stronger than ever before. This goes for the financial services industry as well. Join the conversation to learn the strides women have made in the industry, and what strategies firms are using to hire and retain more women among their ranks.

Financing Solutions in a Changing Environment

Dealmakers are feeling the impact of rising interest rates. However, despite the high cost of capital, deal makers are finding innovative ways to get deals over the finish line. From working with alternative sources of financing to deploying innovative deal structures, dealmakers are proving their resilience and adapting to today’s high rate environment.

Key Priorities during the First 100 Days Post-Acquisition

Everyone says the first 100 days matter the most, but what are the key priorities that can move the needle for deal makers during that time frame? If you are interested in learning about how the experts drive value starting on day one, and how they make the most significant impact at their portfolio companies, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Pavilion Sessions

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PECS Network

An SEC Update

As the SEC readies to enforce new the private funds advisor rules, join the conversation to learn what best practices are emerging, how funds are dealing the new requirements and what will be legally permissible when the rules go into effect. Every CFO needs to be ready for an exam. This is a can’t miss conversation.

How LPA Terms are Changing

As the macroeconomic environment continues to change, LPA terms are also changing. Firms readying to go to market will not want to miss this opportunity to hear what their peers experienced when recently in the market raising funds. Join this conversation to discuss how to successfully navigate raising a new fund in a new environment.

Top Priorities of the PE CFO: Open Roundtable Discussion

Join this roundtable with your fellow CFOs to discuss what you are focusing on in 2024 and beyond as you look to keep your private equity firms financially healthy, tackle with compliance and regulatory issues, and last, but not least, manage the portfolio’s ever evolving financial requirements.

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