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About ACG

The Power of ACG

Founded in 1954, the Association for Corporate Growth is the premier M&A dealmaking community with a mission of driving middle-market growth. ACG’s global network operates through 61 local markets worldwide and comprises more than 100,000 middle-market professionals who invest, own and advise growing companies. 

ACG delivers on its mission to drive middle-market growth by bringing these professionals together and giving them the resources to navigate the industry landscape to their utmost success. 

We do this in a number of ways: 

ACG hosts events on both a local and national scale throughout the year. While individual events can cater to various industries and business functions, you can almost always expect three basic experiences: expert programming, open networking, and one-on-one deal-making.

ACG further empowers the middle market with several media channels, including its award-winning flagship publication Middle Market Growth®, which dives into emerging trends, GrowthTV which brings those stories to life, and its podcasts that provide in-depth conversations with industry thought leaders.

ACG members represent the most active and engaged professionals within the middle market. Members benefit from everything ACG has to offer but on a more focused, enhanced, and frequent basis. Member benefits grant them exclusive deal-making and networking opportunities, discounts to ACG-hosted events, access to industry insights, and special offers from ACG’s trusted partners.

ACG partners with a number of leading companies who operate in the middle-market and bring tangible value to various stages of the deal-making process. These partnerships bring added resources to the ACG community and serve as trusted services for ACG itself.