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Operating Partners

Exclusive Peer Forum: Accelerate Value Creation

Monday, April 29, 2024 • 9:00AM - 2:00PM

Are you an Operating Partner—currently employed by a private equity fund or other financial buyer—responsible for driving value creation in the portfolio? We know the demands on your time are extraordinary, so we’ve prioritized the essentials into this peer-led forum exclusive to operating partners.

Gain entry to the entire DealMAX conference at our most competitive rate and enjoy this exclusive forum, created just for you.

The value creates itself.

Why Attend?

Valued relationship building with candid conversations, interactive roundtables and peer-led panels dedicated solely to middle-market operating partners.
Created for and by Operating Partners – Trive, Argosy, and more.
Unrivaled peer collaboration to explore best practices that accelerate value creation.
Special rates allow you to affordably bring your entire Operating Partner team to DealMAX.

Outside of the forum, experience the full power of DealMAX by sourcing key deal relationships and attending the sessions dedicated to value creation. Plan your connections in advance through ACG Access or find them live in the DealMAX Lounge.

Operating Partner Forum Schedule

Monday, April 29, 2024


A Fireside Chat with Aaron Miller, Apollo Global Management

This is a can’t-miss conversation with Aaron Miller as he answers all our questions on what operating partners need to be thinking about as they create value for portfolio companies in today’s challenging environment.
Aaron Miller
Head of Portfolio Performance Solutions
Apollo Global Management
Ron Senatore (Moderator)
Business Performance Advisor
Juniper Ballroom,
Level 3

Navigating the Shifting Role of Deal Teams & Operating Partners

As private equity firms look to unlock value, operating partners have become an increasingly important part of the process. Case in point, operating partners are being asked to step into the deal making process earlier than ever before — often pre-transaction. Join the conversation to learn how this shift impact the deal teams’ workflow, relationships and the overall value creation process.
John Bova
Managing Director
Alex Grau
Manging Director, Co-Head of Asset Management, Americas
Hudson Advisors, an investment advisor to Lone Star Funds
DJ Marshall
Managing Director,
Head of Porfolio Resource Group
P4G Capital Management
Jordan Sheik
Operating Partner
Coltala Holdings
Mark Miller (Moderator)
Juniper Ballroom,
Level 3
11:00AM & 11:30AM

Roundtable Discussions

What’s the Role of the Finance Operating Partner
Operating partners are certainly getting their time in the spotlight. Industry expertise is undoubtedly important, but what about the finance operating partner? With the need for the value creation process to be as sophisticated as even, an operating partner with an eye on finance is proving to be just as important. Join this conversation to talk about lessons learned from financial operating partners and what’s expected in the future.
Joe Jordan (Moderator)
Top Priorities for Operating Partners in Today’s Environment
Join this discussion as the group shares what key things they are prioritizing going forward and how priorities have changed over the past year.
Chris Fameree (Moderator)
Managing Director, CFO & Business Advisory
How to Be the Best Operating Partner
Join this conversation to share insights on what works and what doesn’t when working with portcos. Hear what your colleagues are doing to drive success at their portcos as well.
Jose Fornell
Co-Founder, Office of the CFO Services
Impact Point Co.
Chad Stacey
Partner and Co-Founder, M&A Ops
Impact Point Co.
Where to Find Growth Today
Join this conversation to discuss what levers operating partners are pulling to generate sales and revenue.
Ron Senatore (Moderator)
Business Performance Advisor
How to Make the Data Work for You
Join this discussion to share and learn the best practices around using data today. Hear how your colleagues are using data to work for their growth initiatives.
Jackie Joelson (Moderator)
Head of Private Equity & Venture Capital Practice
Oracle NetSuite
Tips to Improve Talent Acquisition and Retention at the Portco Level
Hiring and retaining talent hasn’t gotten any easier. Whether it be flex work time, memberships to gyms or other perks, join this discussion to hear what strategies work to keep talent happy and engaged. Also hear how firms are trying to keep employees happy while gently nudging them back into the office on a regular cadence.
Joe McDougall
Managing Director
Trive Capital
How to Make Your Portco More Attractive for Exit
Every seller wants certainty of close. However, often times sellers neglect important compliance issues that either delay a deal close or, worse case scenario, cause a deal to fall apart. Join this conversation to learn how to ensure compliance related matters are taken care of, leading to a smooth exit process.
Michael Ferris
Mastering Global Team Management: Strategies for Scaling and Optimizing International Workforces
Developing teams across nationalities and time zones is becoming more accessible than ever. With this opportunity comes challenges around team management, culture, and compliance. Hear about where firms are scaling and best practices on optimizing international workforces.
Noah Obstfeld
Partnerships Manager, Private Equity
Juniper Ballroom,
Level 3
1:00PM – 2:00PM
Juniper Ballroom,
Level 3
2:00PM – 3:30PM

Solutions Showcase

Solutions Showcase
Open to ALL attendees, this event brings together all value creation professionals for an afternoon of curated M&A Partner demos – all designed to provide solutions for some of the most pressing challenges facing those responsible for driving value creation.

Featured Demos
  • HR: ​​​​Managed
    We understand the unique challenges faced by SMBs and Startups—balancing essential HR tasks while pushing the boundaries of innovation and expansion. Our expansive range of HR services and expertise lifts the burden of HR, so SMBs and startups can redirect their focus where it matters most—growing the business and culture. Learn more about TriNet’s full-service HR solutions: Payroll. Benefits. Risk Mitigation.
    Robert Schwandt, Strategic Partnerships Director, TriNet
  • AI-Powered Sourcing with Intapp DealCloud
    Turn knowledge into value. Join Intapp to learn how our industry-tailored solutions and trusted Applied AI capabilities give dealmakers the best intelligence right at their fingertips, allowing them to do what they do best.
    Drew Baker, Solutions Consultant, Intapp
  • Discover a Better Way to HR – The Human Capital Impact
    Please join Insperity for a discussion on how partnering with the right HR solution can help you reclaim lost time to minimize opportunity costs and soft costs, manage your administrative and payroll expenses, and ensure that your people strategy is aligned with your business strategy so that you can grow your business.
    Emily Hak, Managing Director of Private Capital Markets, Insperity
Juniper Ballroom,
Level 3

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